Peter Frampton | Photo by Megan Lynch for WXPN |

Chances are when you think of English rocker Peter Frampton, you think of a talking guitar. His iconic 1976 live album featured a 14-minute version of “Do You Feel Like We Do” (a mere 6:45 on his ’73 album Frampton’s Camel) that became famous for spacing out on classic rock radio airwaves with a lengthy breakdown and a vocodor / wah pedal / guitar-and-voice effect that blew the audience’s MINDS, MAN. 

Frampton is a releasing a stripped-down collection called Acoustic Classics on February 26th, and it includes a solo rendition of the song, re-named “Do You Feel Like I Do” and scaled back approximately to its original length.

Frampton gave the Wall Street Journal a sneak peak at that track, calling it one of his favorites from the collection:

“I wanted to see what it would be like with two acoustic guitars doing that harmony opening riff. I never thought that it would work. But, it really does.”

As WSJ reports, though, the acoustic re-recording doesn’t feature that famous extended jam in the middle. Does that lose the song’s heart and soul? What do you think of the acoustic “Do You Feel Like We (I) Do”? Listen here, compare it against the Frampton Comes Alive and Frampton’s Camel versions below, and let us know in the comments.

Peter Frampton’s Acoustic Classics is out February 26th via RED Distribution.