The Black Experience on WKDU master tapes | Photo via WKDU’s Communique

WKDU recently stumbled along some pretty interesting recordings back in February. After digging into their archives and searching through mounds of tapes that had “completely disintegrated into a pile of dust and polymer goo,” a DJ found a recording of jazz funk band The Production performing at the Kim Graves nightclub from late 1978.

The 21 minute cut of their set, while in perfect condition, contains pure instrumental jams executed to perfection. Crowd whistles and other background sounds complete the experience, and (as I write this) I’m losing my shit just listening to it right now.

After some digging and speaking to KDU alums, the DJ discovered that The Black Experience, who was there to record The Production’s set, was a collection of DJ’s who ran the station’s weekend back in the mid to late 70’s until ’81. They also got their hands on comedy legend Richard Pryor’s great station ID that was recorded for The Black Experience. It’s altogether a great example of the deep musical history that has taken place in the great city of Philadelphia.

For the full story, check out the link here. Listen to The Production’s set and Richard Pryor’s Station ID for WKDU below.