The Falcon | photo by Mat Stokes | courtesy of the artist

Boasting a line-up that includes Dave House (The Loved Ones), Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) and Neil Hennessy and Brendan Kelly (both of The Lawrence Arms), The Falcon are a formidable punk outfit that have been around for over a decade. They’ll release a new record called Gather Up the Chaps later this month (the first since 2006’s Unicornography) and premiered its song “The Fighter, The Rube, The Asshole” on The A.V. Club earlier this week.

Lyrically the song tackles the cliches and pseudo-authenticity of punk music culture (and, really music culture as a whole). Brendan Kelly tells The A.V. Club:

Every now and again, I’ll come across someone who steps onto a stage at a nice, large club, who looks around and acts bewildered. “Wow. This is real nice. We ain’t got nothing like this back home.” Never mind that this artist has perhaps played this very venue before. Never mind that this artist has sat on a tour bus on three continents and is in the top one percent of the most cultured, well traveled people on earth. False rubery is alive and well in rock and roll.


Similarly, I’m tired of these goddamn songs about struggles with addiction and poverty, and fighting out of deep, dark impossible situations as written and sung by someone who has no experience with real addiction, no experience whatsoever with any poverty or darkness that wasn’t self imposed, gleefully celebrated and then turned off when it was time to do something else.

Listen to the song below. The Falcon’s April 1st show at MilkBoy is already sold-out, but Kelly will be doing a free in-store performance at Creep Records on March 19th. More information can be found here.