Nothing | Photo by Megan Kelly |

There’s been an interesting trend for bands as of late: mini-documentaries that give an inside look into an artist’s mindset while they create their music and make an entire world around it. Modern Baseball put one out yesterday, and today, Nothing released episode 1 of their documentary for their upcoming album, which we spotted earlier this week on The Deli.

The five minute clip, directed by Don Argott, shows the band in all black and white footage, walking around the city and recording in the studio. Vocalist Dominic Palermo discusses his relationship with Philadelphia and how it gave him the inspiration to title their record Tired Of Tomorrow. You can hear Nothing’s singles from the album, “Eaten By Worms” and “Vertigo Flowers” here.

Nothing’s sophomore album Tired of Tomorrow is out May 13th on Relapse Records. Watch part 1 of their documentary below.