Porches | photo by Paley Fairman | courtesy of the artist

NYC project Porches turned “Trying Your Luck” into an electro-wave downer on Sirius XM last week. Aaron Maine and his band were promoting their own new record Pool when they covered the track from The Strokes’ debut Is This It, trading in garage rock riffs for breathy synth beats.

And though their paths may seem perpendicular now, Maine described the influence of The Strokes on his own musical career:

[The Strokes] just came out at such a crazy formative part of my life. I had never heard anything like that. They just were so special to me, so responsible for me getting into music as much as I did. I even think melodically Julian [Casablancas] is there in my subconscious.

Porches open for Alex G at Union Transfer on April 14th; tickets and information can be found here. Listen to both versions of “Trying Your Luck” below.