Over the course of their five-year career, Philly rockers The Lawsuits have tried just about everything. Truckstop country and introspective, spectral folk. Shimmering psychedelic rock and bright 60s pop. Smooth Philly soul and boisterous hip-hop (for those who remember that legendary gig when they backed up Ground Up in Rittenhouse Square).

In short, the Philly-via-Bucks-County five piece has serious range – they can take whatever style fits their mood and make it work. But on the band’s latest, Moon Son, we hear The Lawsuits bringing that broad range into into focus. The album is out next month via RANDM Records, and delivers resplendent harmonies over driving beats by Josh Friedman (“Hailstorm”), catchy pop hooks set to uncommon grooves (“Wasted”), fierce dueling guitar action between frontman and songwriter Brian Dale Allen Strouse and lead guitarist Joe Bisirri (“Good Time To Change”).

The band is tied together by Vanessa Winters on keys and vocals – some of the album’s best moments come from her – and Brendan Cunningham, one of the most remarkably chill bassists in the Philadelphia music community. Their Key Studio Session shows their live game in top form going into this new record cycle. Most importantly, after years of circling the musical airspace, these Philly stalwarts have touched down on a definitive sound – Moon Son is the first Lawsuits record that sounds like a Lawsuits record, and that is unequivocally a good thing.

Watch a video of the band performing “Romeo” in our studio and stream the entire session below; grab a free download via Soundcloud. The Lawsuits headline The Foundry at The Fillmore Philadelphia on Friday, April 29th; tickets and more information on the show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.

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