Heart Harbor | Photo by Jessica Kourkounis | courtesy of the artist | Kourkounis.com

Heart Harbor may have been celebrating the release of their Tender Trap EP at the Tin Angel a couple weeks ago, but that didn’t stop the project of Kerry Hallett from sharing some even newer songs. The as-yet unrecorded “Porcelain” is one such song, captured that night on video by Bob Sweeney.

The downtempo track picks up sonically where Tender Trap closers “The Question” and “Melissa” left off. It swells and subsides with shimmering cymbals and a tasteful piano melody, hitting a dreamy wall of sound at its peaks.

The trio will be in a Germantown studio at the end of the month to record “Porcelain” and a few other full-band tracks – we’ll let you know when they’re ready.

Heart Harbor play the Trenton Ave Arts Fest in East Kensington on Saturday, May 21st; more information can be found here. Watch “Porcelain” below and read an interview with Hallett here.