Sunflower Bean | Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman for WXPN |

New York City rockers Sunflower Bean were next to take on the PRX stage upstairs. Just like their Bob Dylan-influenced album cover, the band brought it all back home with a quick set of New York 70’s punk rock.

Red Bulls in hand, the band exuded both energy and excitment and proceeded to kick it right off the bat with the title song from their debut LP, Human Ceremony, released back in February. Sunflower Bean, which is made up of Jacob Faber on drums, Nick Kilven on guitar, and Julia Cumming on bass, played fast, they played hard, and they played with an unencompassed yet welcoming youthful energy.

Sunflower Bean – NONCOMM 2016

Sunflower Bean entranced with their single, “Easier Said,” with its killer guitar lines and break-neck speed. After a rendition of the Television-influenced “2013,” the trio kicked off the Human Ceremony album closer, “Space Exploration Destroyer,” which included an extended jam and a jaw-dropping finish, adding yet another unforgettable NonCOMM performance to the books.

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