Low Cut Connie | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman | jeremy-zim.com

It seemed like Adam Weiner talked to the crowd as much as he sang to them. “Philly, you stick with us and we’ll never lose,” he said as Low Cut Connie got things going on the PRX stage upstairs at World Cafe Live. Weiner, the vocalist and pianist for the Philly rockers, brought enough energy to the room for the whole audience. Weiner is a local, from just across the bridge in Jersey, and all set long he made it clear how much love he has for the city whose shadow he grew up in.

Low Cut Connie – NONCOMM 2016

Low Cut Connie seemed to thrive off the life of their music. He even named his piano Shondra. He couldn’t seem to sit still, climbing Shondra on numerous occasions.  No point in the set was as intense as “Shake It Little Tina,” from the 2015 album Hi Honey. In the middle of that song, Weiner left the stage to parade through the crowd, and they danced with him as he made his rounds.

Weiner again left the stage as “Boozophilia” wrapped the set to a close. By that point, he had removed his jacket, and even plucked a few of his chest hairs which he then blew into the crowd. But those are not the reason that make this off-stage adventure different from the first. This time, he never came back. He marched to the back of World Cafe Live, high-fiving everyone he walked by. As if he was fulfilling the prophecy he made with his opening comments, Weiner walked off a winner.

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