Tonight and tomorrow is First Time’s The Charm at PhilaMOCA featuring 19 bands over two nights. First Time’s the Charm started here in Philly in 2013 with the goal of putting together a show of new bands focused on the contributions of female-identified, trans and queer folks, and people of color in the DIY/punk community in Philadelphia.

There’s a lot of greatness about this event; it supports the creative expression of new bands and celebrates – and puts a spotlight on – vibrant, and important voices in the community. All the proceeds from this year’s benefit will go to Girls Rock Philly.

According to the FTTC web site, the bands playing (and some awesome descriptions of them) FTTC 2016 include:

Are You Ready, Steve? (“Shit, I should do my laundry” rock)
Aster More (A tough and brilliant mix of shoegaze, raw pop, & angular punk sounds)
Taxes (Fuzzy hard rock-gaze)
Joyful Exit (fun music on painful subjects)
The Hex (The Hex RULZ: Armand Van Helden meets Freddie Mercury meets Mecca Normal. Stripped-down punk by/for stripped-down punx. Their average age is 40+)
Full Bush (when strong/determined women get together, cool shit gets done)
Trying! (We’re trying to step out of our comfort zone, we’re trying to get out there, we’re trying to see what will happen, we’re trying to organize noise, we’re just TRYING!)
Whipworm (FFO punk)
Quarter Panel (Happy hour rock)
Heretrix (An ambitious, female fronted rock n’ roll band inspired by old school punk, grunge and rock styles.)
Crushed (sweet and sassy bedroom pop punk band with droney tunes and sincere vocals)
Far Eyes (everything turned all the way up)
Bronco (songs about liberty and magic)
Volatile Squirrels (An eclectic indie rock mix of sweet sweet and sad, played by three hopeless romantics)
Sister Trudy (a bitter bunch; ritual enchantments w/ a punch)
Rabies Shot (Noisy electronic punk)
My Name is Tom* (the best sad jams that get you moving)
Dumb Hair (sad punk songs about missing someone who doesn’t miss you back and making fun of mean people)
Spring Collection (Space rock)

Below, listen to some music by Rabies Shot, who are playing tomorrow night.