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Before introducing the latest guest on his 25 O’Clock Podcast, Dan Drago admitted that the political frenzy of this time of year is like a poison. But thankfully, Thomas Weir seems to be some sort of antidote for Drago, who writes fondly of the wide-reaching conversation in his latest episode.

My conversation with Tom is in no way political. We talk music, the success of his band, Modern Colour, our love of Questlove’s book, and of the White Stripes. Tom impressed me in many ways, but if I had to pick one, here it is: He speaks of how hard it was to get to his level of musicianship. He talks about the countless hours practicing, getting a little better, bit by bit. I have a lot of respect for proficient, talented players. I have even more for those who acknowledge the work. They don’t try to fool with you with the notion that it’s all inspiration or luck or chance. They’ll tell you to your face that you have to want it, and that you have to work to get it.

Weir is the drummer for the bands Modern Colour and Lou, as well as a photographer and writer with Spirit News. Drago admits Weir’s life is exhausting, but the two’s chat is worth the listen (we promise it won’t tire you out). Listen to the full episode below.

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