Photography by Griffin Hart Davis, LLC.
Mipso is another example of community and collaboration going right. Wood Robinson, Joseph Terrell and Jacob Sharp, the original trio, along with Libby Rodenbough, now a permanent member of the band, all met at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Mipso is now based a hop-and-a-skip away in Carborro, and the hometown love and support continues to grow. The rest of us outside of North Carolina are finally catching up; on their third full length album Old Time Reverie, the band finds a refreshing way to channel all sorts of musical interests and experiments through the bluegrass and Americana foundation that makes up Mipso. The result is a refreshing collection of songs, chock full of harmonies and some of the best damn playing you’ll hear lately.

While on tour promoting Old Time Reverie, Mipso recorded an in-studio session at WXPN, performing songs from the album as well as a clutch John Hartford cover.