Scantron | Photo by Eric Schuman for WXPN

Joining us for this latest Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session is the Philly/Wilmington garage combo Scantron! Originally formed as the trio of Will Donnelly, James Everhart and George M. Murphy, Scantron recently added bassist Lucas Rinz as a permanent member. More than just a band (or just one band, for that matter), the boys also serve as producers and studio whiz-kids, working on records for other local underground bands. Additionally, most of the members pull double duty as players in Low Cut Connie and Satellite Hearts. In fact, Low Cut Connie’s Larry Scotton Jr. joins in the fun playing keyboards in our session.

Scantron’s latest release is a good ol’ single, and our session begins with its barnstorming A-side, “Oh No!” A quick turn into more jangly territory on “Please Do Not Come Home” suggests that there might be a few Big Star and Let’s Active records hiding in the band’s library. It’s right back to the garage for “I’m Not Surprised,” the new single’s flip; it features a grinding Farfisa breakdown that evokes a few notable Stax sides. The guys close with a selection from 2014’s Palamino Blackwing EP, the herky-jerky “Sad Parade.”

Download the complete Scantron Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session below, and check out some pictures from the studio!