Fraktur | via Bandcamp

A self-proclaimed heavy riff salad with pop dressing, Philly’s Fraktur just released a split with Washington D.C. punks The Maneuvers — and it’s the high energy blast you’ll need to get you through the rest of the week. The three new tracks from Fraktur are quick, fuzzed out gems, starting with “Arc of Visibility,” which grinds along with an edge of intensity as the band chants “I don’t want to feel this anymore.”

For a song named “No Energy,” the second track has a life of its own. Back and forth riffs and bouncy bass make for a very tap-your-toes, bob-your-head jammer. The band’s portion of the split finishes perfectly with “The Bulls,” another fast-paced, thrashing song that ends too soon.

You can find Fraktur’s side of the split below — it was produced by drummer Barrett Lindgren; you might also know him from Ghost Light, Permanent Body and Johnny Brenda’s. While you’re listening, be sure to put it on repeat for the rest of the day to fully get your fix.