Queen of Jeans | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Local outfit Queen of Jeans kept things rolling on the Jersey Arts Marina Stage, playing a set comprised of old and new material. The South Philly quartet (who were just featured in an installment of Summertime Sips and Summertime Sounds) were a fitting act to place in front of the marina; their brand of retro pop is exactly the kind of thing you would want to listen to while cruising the Delaware River.

Set opener “More to Love” was the band at its most retro, hearkening back to the days of Terry Stafford with tight, pronounced harmonies and killer backing vocals. Bright, surf-pop guitar tones from Miriam Devora and Matheson Glass floated around a sturdy low end held down by bassist Nina Scotto and drummer Patrick Wall throughout the set, while Devora’s agile lead vocals were anything but old-fashioned.

“Love” led right into the breezier “Clever Hands” before the set took a darker turn with the atmospheric “Moody.” Careening instrumental breaks showed the band’s depth as players and songwriters, making this number a standout from their January debut EP.

Queen of Jeans | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

Queen of Jeans | photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN

After a quick exchange with the “very polite” and very enamoured crowd, Queen of Jeans treated us to a pair of new songs with “April Still” and “U R My Guy.”

If you’ve followed the band’s activity over the last several months you’ll surely remember the adorable video they released of “Walk Like an Egyptian” with their moms; Helen Leicht put in a special request for this 80s cover, and members of the crowd could be seen doing the Bangles’ signature dance move.

Speaking of dancing, Queen of Jeans closed their set with “Dance (Get Off Your Ass),” their breakthrough / debut single that came out last fall.

Check out photos, a set list and audio of the performance below.

Queen of Jeans – XPoNential Fest 2016


More to Love

Clever Hands


April Still

U R My Guy

Walk Like an Egyptian

Dance (Get Off You Ass)