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Brian Walker |Photo by Abi Reimold

Solace: a feeling of comfort in times of distress. Solace is a source of relief, an alleviation of the pain. For Brian Walker and his musical project A Day Without LoveSolace was a clear choice of title for his new album, wrought with emotions but just seeking somewhere safe to lay his head. Set for release on August 30th via Sounds and Tones Records, Walker has shared the song “It Hurts” ahead of the official drop.

“It Hurts” is a raw first offering, unafraid to be what it is and to not hide behind flowery words and metaphors. When it comes to getting your heartbroken, it simply boils down to one thing — it hurts. Walker seems to try and stomach the fact that someone he once loved doesn’t quite look the same to him anymore (“It hurts to know the truth / Your eyes they’re filled with lies”). It’s certainly an interesting phenomenon, having the pain alter your perspectives. What was once sacred has become distorted, and it’s hard to go back to the beginning.

Solace proves to be a turning point in Walker’s career. In a message on his Bandcamp page, he details the significance behind the record and his own renewed sense of self and mind.

This record was the most honest record I wrote, the first record I wrote completely sober, the first record that shared about the most personal demons I have kept inside, and it is the beginning of me finding peace with myself and the problems I face in this world ranging from racism to mental depression. I hope in some way that my message helps you to by listening to this. I dedicate this record to my grandfather William Walker who raised me and passed away during the writing process of this record to Lung Cancer. I will forever remember you Grandpa.

You can listen to “It Hurts” below and find more information about the full release of Solacehere.

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