A screen shot from Former Belle’s “A Beautiful One” official music video

For the creation of their latest video, Former Belle again turned to the visual talents of animator Jon Lewis. The artist created the lonely metropolitan environs that singer/songwriter Bruno Catrambone wandered through in “I Woke Up In Chicago” earlier this year, and now he’s illlustrated a fresh-aired wilderness setting for “A Beautiful One.”

In the clip, a paper Catrambone cutout explores a mountainous region with his trusty canine BFF by his side. The pair encounter the magic of a butterfly breaking through its cocoon, take an aquatic sojourn aboard the Foreign Boat, and meet a local purple sea creature.

When the video premiered on Never Enough Notes earlier this week, Catrambone wrote:

“I knew I wanted to work with Jon Lewis on another animated video – I adored the little world he created for the ‘I Woke Up in Chicago’ video and I’m grateful he was into the idea of continuing the concept into a video for this song. I wanted a video and storyline that didn’t necessarily point toward a lost love or another broken-hearted sad boy (even though that’s always the world that seems to weigh heavy on my shoulders), but something that let the song unfold around a boy and his closest best friend existing together alongside natural events that are seemingly beautiful, scary and out of their control.”

Watch the clip below.