Brian Walker |Photo by Abi Reimold

As the trees pass by at speeds that make them morph into nothing more than a sea of green, we are reintroduced to Philly alternative musician Brian Walker’s project A Day Without Love in the latest music video for “Solace.” Sitting on a train unaware of the scenes shooting pass him, a common theme of the video quickly becomes the viewers ability to see more of the world around Walker than he does.

Utterly distracted or desperately seeking to blend in with his surrounding, quietly going by unnoticed like an introvert’s dream, Walker floats through his day enraptured by his cellphone. Missing countless (and surely more important) human interactions along the way, it’s a compelling reflection of a society stuck to the virtual and missing out on the actual.

The song itself, a mellowed out piece, offers up plenty of noteworthy lyrics. As he sits on a lunch date full of total miscommunication, the song dives into “could you breathe in their apathy? /  look at your pain and find beauty?” Ironically, when Walker sings the line “wanted to be happy, wanted to be whole,” as he emerges from the train and eyes locked on his phone, nothing about his demeanor signals he’s accomplished that goal.

A Day Without Love continues to be a project unafraid to address the issues of the generation with sincerity and clarity, always yearning for contentment but feeling each growing pain along the way.

His new album Solace is out August 30th via Sounds and Tones Records. Walker plays tonight at W/N W/N Cafe with Liz de Lise and more details on the gig can be found by checking out the Facebook page for the event right here. Watch the music video for “Solace” below.