Nothing | Photo by Stella Asia Consonni | courtesy of the artist

Fresh off the completion of their North American tour, Nothing has shared a new live video for “Curse of the Sun” from their recently released sophomore LP Tired Of Tomorrow. The clip was shot by Jimmy Hubbard during select East and West Coast dates of the tour.

Hubbard’s vibrant cinematography provides a dizzying snapshot of the band in action. If you ever wondered what a Nothing show would look like through a kaleidoscope, look no further. Still, the band was wary of releasing a live music video. They wanted to make sure it felt justified. Singer Dominic Palermo had this to say:

“This song is a nothing more than a declaration of war with the Sun. It’s the center of the universe that’s to blame for spawning this epidemic of life that is laughably plagued by death. The dark Casanova sprouting humans who live to have everything they can get their hands on, just so they can die and litter it all behind. I’m often reminded by this when we’re playing these big venues filled with hundreds of humans, so it only seemed natural to film in a live setting. That’s the only reason I chose to do a live video actually. They’re normally fucking stupid. Well, that and because Jimmy was filming it all.”

Tired of Tomorrow is out now via Relapse Records. Nothing kicks off their European Tour this Friday (9/9) with a headlining gig at Incubate in The Netherlands.