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Balance and Composure | photo by Andi Elloway | courtesy of the artist

Doylestown alt-rockers Balance and Composure continue to explore their new, atmospheric sound with “Spinning,” the third cut shared from the imminent Light We Made. This follows the previously released “Postcard” and “Afterpary” and sees the band “balancing” (ha ha) their newfound appreciation for washy textures with the same pounding drums and angst that made previous efforts so captivating.

A quick trip through the comments section of these tracks reveals a wealth of angry teens condemning the band’s new sound as “soft, lukewarm sh*t”, but for those of us less hormonally-challenged, songs like “Spinning” represent a sophisticated step forward. The intensity the band has always had is still there, it just manifests itself differently, simmering instead of exploding right out of the gate.

Floating atop a deft, four-on-the-floor beat and tense, distant guitars, vocalist Jon Simmons’ watches his problems fester beneath him before landing on heavier, more familiar territory in the chorus. He’ll “let the world keep spinning on a string” as long as he can, but eventually, he has to fall back to earth. This sentiment is not new to B&C’s lyrical repetoire, but here, they deliver it more confidently than ever before. Their name is starting less like a pipe dream and more like a mission statement.

Light We Made drops this October 7th via Vagrant Records. You can catch the band live when they hit Union Transfer this November with Foxing and Mercury Girls.

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