PREMIERE: Dirty Dollhouse shares "Moonshine" from new LP
Dirty Dollhouse | photo by Kristina Beese

Local singer/songwriter Chelsea Mitchell is gearing up to release a new LP as Dirty Dollhouse, the moniker for a project we first fell in love with in 2014 when it was trio with Amber Twait and Vanessa Winters. Back then the songs were folk-pop angled with earworm harmonies and an overall twang, but Mitchell is shedding that aesthetic in favor of a broader range for the new record, as you’ll hear in the premiere of Vinyl Child lead single “Moonshine” below.

Today we have a video for the single, filmed and edited by Bob Sweeney. The clip follows Mitchell through golden woods as she sings a modern day murder ballad, backed by reedy, ominous percussion and a misleadingly playful xylophone sound. Her vocals are steadfast and resigned to her fate in one moment, pleading and soaring in another as a deep guitar riff comes in to further the seasonally spooky vibe.

Mitchell writes:

“Moonshine,” much like the forthcoming full-length album, is a departure from 25 Shades. The themes are darker, the guitars are louder (thanks in part to August John Lutz II), and the vocals are bigger. I love how Bob Sweeney put this video together with so many layers…it seems like a perfect representation of where we’re going. Brian Strouse (of The Lawsuits) and I have been working for almost a year on Vinyl Child, tweaking and reinventing the Dirty Dollhouse sound. There is still a folk/country heartbeat throughout the album, but it’s definitely multi-genre. I think it’s good to maintain a certain ambiguity; at the end of the day, I’m not a country singer, or an indie rock artist, or a throwback – I’m a songwriter. There’s so much freedom in that.

Chelsea plays Bourbon & Branch on October 6th for Dylan Jane’s EP release show. Pick up tickets here, and watch “Moonshine” below.

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