PREMIERE: Dylan Jane debuts new EP with "What It Seems" single
Dylan Jane | photo courtesy of the artist

Opening the curtain on her forthcoming EP Deceiving Yourself and Everyone Else, Dylan Jane‘s new single “What It Seems” reveals a new side to the Bloomsburg, PA native’s songwriting. Out on October 7th, the record follows 2014’s full-length From An Island with a collection of songs that has Jane breaking out of her strictly-folk mold. We have the premiere of the aforementioned single today, and it’s something you’ll definitely want to get your ears on.

There’s a lushness to “What It Seems” that is easy to sink into. The ringing slide guitar of Friendship‘s Pete Gill is slowly joined by swelling backing vocals from Chelsea Mitchell, and before you know it you’re swept up into a sea of sweeping synths and piano.

The depth of the song is largely due to the all-star band surrounding the album: Deceiving was produced by The Lawsuits’ Brian D.A. Strouse (who also contributed several instrumental voices to the tracks) and features fellow Philadelphians Brad Hinton (guitar), Matt Muir (drums), Phil D’Agostino (bass), John Hildebrand (piano) and Michael Ronstadt (cello).

Jane’s lyrics, meanwhile, explore the unsettling feeling of not being able to tell what’s real vs what’s imagined. It’s an angle on a subject that Jane revisits across the EP, as she writes:

Deceiving Yourself and Everyone Else reflects a theme throughout the lyrics. It has a lot to do with the way we don’t always know people the way we think we do, often because we don’t even know ourselves. The songs have a lot to do with things not being as they appear to be, or as they are presented. Realty vs. illusion, etc. hence the whole mask motif on the cover. The record could just as aptly be titled Forgiving Yourself and Everyone Else.”

Celebrate the release of Deceiving Yourself and Everyone Else at Bourbon & Branch on October 6th. Dylan Jane will be performing full-band style, along with Chelsea Mitchell, Solar, and Friendship. Tickets and information for the 21+ show can be found here.

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