With a band name like Doubles, it’s no surprise that their music hinges on duality. This manifests itself in multiple ways, from the soft-loud dynamics to the way the lyrical content balances playfulness and poignancy. It’s the marriage of disparate elements like this that make music interesting, and on their new single “Plant,” Doubles are officiating the wedding.

At an almost whisper-quiet volume, vocalists Seth Sobottka and Preston Ossman begin with “world’s a plant / let it grow,” which reads like a mission statement considering Doubles is on the cusp of its first full release. The remark initially sounds like advice from a friend, but when the track blooms in its second half, it becomes clear that the advice may be directed inward as they shout, “I see that face / I gotta’ go!”

This is pure, unadulterated ear candy for fans of cathartic indie rock, so if you like your guitars anthemic and your messages universal, look no further. Heartbreak sucks, but what doesn’t suck is bobbing your head a band that understands you. There’s a big world out there, but, just like a plant, it’s going to stay small and sad until you do something about it.

Listen below, and catch Doubles when they play The Storefront on October 7th. More information on that show can be found at Facebook.