John Faye | photo via Facebook

Longtime Philadelphia musician John Faye is back with a new single called “Miss America.” The former lead singer of 90s outfit The Caulfields and aughties crew Ike returned to his power pop roots for the track, waxing poetic on the “state-of-the-disunion” our country is experiencing during this election season in a burst of guitars and clever lyrics.

In addition to drawing attention to the impending election, Faye is also advocating for a cause that’s important to him by donating proceeds from the single to a few different places. He explained his decision to do this over email:

Because of what several people close to me have been going through, I have really gotten behind medical cannabis. I’m going to be donating the proceeds from this single to a different recipient or organization each week for the next five weeks, up until Election Day. I personally know people with PTSD, cancer, and even epilepsy, who have benefited greatly from it and I’m trying to create as much awareness as I can as things move towards legalization nationwide. This is coming from a guy who has never even smoked once in his life lol. I’ve learned a lot about this topic in recent months and have had a lot of pre-conceived notions corrected. I’ve seen cannabis make a big difference for people I love so I want to use my music in some small way to help them out.

Faye has several shows lined up, including October 16th at Dilworth Park’s Octoberfest and December 29th at World Cafe Live. For his full list of dates visit his website. Listen to “Miss America” below and stay tuned to a video coming next month.