Spiritus Mundi | photo via Facebook

Post-punk outfit King Azaz are back with a follow-up to last year’s Tunnels record and a new video. The local duo of Christo and Sarah released Spiritus Mundi last week, sharing a collection of songs that are intensely personal and also a universal comment on how we treat each other.

Along with the album we get a video for “Numb,” a standout track that is agitated and determined. The clip shows the pair playing the song on a deserted pier as the sun rises, interspersed with images of a person covered in white paint becoming clean. There’s a sense of calmness in the final frame of the latter that is at odds with the unapologetic loudness of the former, but both tones are raw and brutally honest.

About the record, King Azaz tell AfroPunk:

“We both experience being marginalized in more “alternative” communities (both in Philly and elsewhere), and when we play it often kind of feels like a “fuck you” to the folks who choose to put us in boxes based on their respective perceptions of us…. We put a lot more thought/effort/intentionality into this record than we did Tunnels: Tunnels was definitely more a project that we made just for us. A tunnel is a closed and limited space: there are only a few people who can enter at any given time, going from point A to point B. With Spritus Mundi we wanted to open things up a bit more. At the same time though, personal growth and change are definitely still at the forefront with Spiritus Mundi, and at times it feels much more raw and vulnerable in its content.”

Check out “Numb” below and stream Spiritus Mundi via Bandcamp.