Juniper | via

The debut self-titled EP from Philly band Junipur is saturated in self loathing, existential dread, and a mix of passive and active aggressions that coalesce into an epic set of breakup songs.

This five-track collection is faintly reminiscent of the 1994 self-titled album put out by Weezer, with the majority of the similarities lying the instrumental arrangements rather than the vocals. This quartet of is made up of Trevor Baun, Dan Jordan, Brandon Pirrocco and Sam Schumacher. Every track featured on Junipur maintains a super laid-back indie rock vibe, but paired with lyrics like “I hope you don’t hate me / I would have cut your head off anyway” from the track “George Smith Runs This Town (But You’re Back Home),” it’s an interesting juxtaposition of playful and vaguely violent energies.

Massachusetts-based label Honest Face Records is selling the EP via cassette tape, and name your price download is available on the group’s Bandcamp. Check out Junipur below.