Foxing | via their Facebook page

If you’re one of millions still struggling with the results of Tuesday’s election, any source of reassurance is a welcome one. For women and minority groups, that solace is an especially scarce commodity. But in their own small way, St. Louis’ Foxing is trying to help. The band has just shared a cover of Dido’s “White Flag,” and while proceeds from the track were initially meant to help them recover from their recent van accident, the majority will now go to Planned Parenthood and ACLU.

What was initially a pop song about failed romance takes on new meaning in context. As Conor Murphy sings “I won’t close my eyes and surrender,” the line reads less like a declaration of love and more like a rallying cry of protest. This somber, defiant sentiment is soundtracked by equally somber electronics and piano, and the glacial, spacious mix makes a lot of sense considering it was handled by former Death Cab guitarist/producer Chris Walla. From start to finish, it’s a beautiful, arresting listen and an important reminder that, even when things look bleak, you can’t stop fighting.

Check out the song and a full statement from the band below.