Purling Hiss’ beer label | courtesy of Purling Hiss

In true American fashion, Philadelphia noise-pop outfit Purling Hiss is set to release a self-titled ale to celebrate their newest release High Bias off of Drag City Records.

Brewed by Chicago’s Illuminated Brew Works, the newly crafted beer is, by the band’s definition, a “most loving homage to good, old-fashioned, trashy, American macro-beers; just the kind of beer that built the sonic annihilation via heavy six-string freakout of High Bias,” described to be “stacked up with Pilsner, Munich, rice adjuncts and noble hops to create a fizzy, yellow sleigh-ride that pairs well with brown meth, NASCAR and Jesus footies.”

The brew will be available starting November 18th at their Chicago gig, eventually set to expand into multiple Chicago-area bottle shops. Out-of-staters can purchase it online here, and be sure to check out the band’s recent US tour below.

Purling Hiss Tour Dates

11/10/16 @ The Chapel in San Francisco, CA
11/11/16 @ Richard’s Goat in Arcata, CA
11/12/16 @ High Water Mark in Portland, OR
11/13/16 @ Chop Suey in Seattle, WA
11/14/16 @ Stage 112 in Missoula, MT
11/16/16 @ The Aquarium in Fargo, ND
11/18/16 @ The Hideout in Chicago, IL
11/19/16 @ El Club in Detroit, MI
11/20/16 @ Happy Dog in Cleveland,OH