Razor Boomerang | photo courtesy of the artist

Razor Boomarang is a hip-hop duo with crisp beats, thoughtful lyrics, an original story and charisma to boot, but has remained on the fringes of the Philly local scene. Today, The Key premieres their latest track “Pieces of Me” and sheds some light on the two Philly kids working hard to put out their music and having a great time doing it.

Razor Boomarang is producer Jeff Milnazik and rapper Leroy Hardy, otherwise known as RexRiot, and their solid and continuous musical output demands attention. The two have known each other since high school, but only began pursuing a collaborative project after years of working independently. Razor Boomarang got its start, ironically enough, with their song “Goodbye”, the first track that the two collaborated on for Drexel’s MAD Dragon Records compilation back in 2013, with RexRiot credited as rapper and Jeff as producer. The two quickly realized they had something to pursue, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the band solidifed. Fast forward to the present and the two have put out two EPs and expect a mixtape come early next year.

If there’s one thing that seems to carry Razor Boomarang, it’s the positivity that they emit. When asked about the sentiment behind Razor Boomarang’s work, Milnazik responded with a sincere thought, “We hope that people who listen to our music find a little bit of themselves in it. We do our best to be honest…We like feeling good, and we want the people to feel good”. Online, their charismatic YouTube videos feature the two riffing off one another; spunky visuals display their name and logo while their catch phrase, “We’re here to lift you up”, slips in between titles. The music video for their catchy track “Hottest Winter” even features Milnazik falling clumsily in the snow.  And with that lightness, the easiness of it all, you can see that these guys are the real deal.

Their first collection of songs, Back To School, was released in November of 2015. The EP is interceded with comedic riffs and field recordings (at least seemingly so) of a high school. The album features locker stoppages, hallway banter and ragging on homework, all woven in and out of original works written and produced by the duo. This storytelling format seems to be a repeating one for them, with their latest EP featuring a similar conversational theme, but taking a more serious tone.

“We have been working on a story for awhile now and our first project set the stage for most of what’s to come,” says Milnazik. “Our latest EP, No Rules Vol. I, is essentially separate from the Back To School universe. While the songs are all still completely our own, we decided to set different lanes for ourselves to stretch our creative muscles, so to speak.”

And the Razor Boomarang-osphere only continues to grow, with today’s premiere, “Waste of Me”, being the duo’s first single off their upcoming project, RZB Radio. This declared mixtape will jump back to the lightness of the first EP, with comedic skits mixed in between tracks, as if the listener is tuning into their radio station. “Waste of Me”, featuring Razor Boomarang’s fellow collaborator Shawn Welch, grasps at the feelings of self-doubt and loneliness that can arise despite being in a romantic relationship. The song features lingering guitar lines, soft organ, and wobbly synths that dance around Hardy’s lyrics and Welch’s vibrant vocals in this powerful track. Have a listen below and be sure to catch these guys live at their upcoming show at the Grape Room this Saturday, Dec. 3rd. Find more info here.