Aster More | via their Facebook page

Philadelphia’s Aster More may have just hit the scene a few months ago, but they’ve already shared their debut, self-titled EP, and it’s a promising start for the sextet. If you like your guitars blaring, your vocals passionate, and your lyrics confessional, then stop whatever you’re currently doing–this is more important. Find somewhere private, put on your headphones, and slam dance your troubles away.

Opening track “SAP” opens with spindly guitar figures before launching into a fiery, mid-tempo rocker. “Stuck,” on the other hand, rides a washy quarter note delay and inter-weaving vocal lines for a decidedly spacier feel. Third track “Dream Sequence” is the longest of the bunch, but it justifies this with the introduction of keyboards and more prominent loud-soft dynamics.

Meanwhile, personal highlight “Et Tu” builds off of these characteristics to bring the track to an epic finish with its titular hook. The energy keeps building into lively closer “Wishing Well,” so by the time it’s all over, the silence is just as deafening as the noise that proceeded it. Stream Aster More below.