photo by Tyler Asay for WXPN

We’re just over a week into our #XPNAtoZ special. If you haven’t tuned in, don’t worry — as of this writing, we are still on the letter L, meaning we’ve got half the alphabet to go! The #XPNAtoZ hashtag is the destination of a perpetual flow of commentary on our programming adventure. We love reading the feedback (good and bad) from our listeners and hearing about the memories sparked by each song.

A2Z_logo_FINAL_SocialThink we missed any key songs so far? Tell us about them on twitter using the hashtag  #missedsongsXPNAtoZ – we’re making a Spotify playlist choc full of them! Follow along 

The best Tweets we’ve seen (so far).

Our very own Robert Drake even chimed in with a piece of his past.

Others were not as thrilled about some tracks that we missed (we promise, we’re sorry)…

But XPN DJ Eric Schuman said it best.

And let’s not forget about our AWESOME listeners who always manage to have our backs and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside with all of the love they’re constantly sending our way.

As we continue along the alphabet, we’ve noticed just how addictive this A to Z playlist is becoming for listeners (don’t worry, it’s not just you. We’re having the same issue). I’m trying my best not to rack up too many noise complaints while playing WXPN around the clock. This playlist doesn’t sleep and neither will we! (Or at least I won’t).

Finally, there have also been a decent amount of letter-themed jokes, which are good for a chuckle every now and then. We’ll leave you with a couple of those. Happy listening!