Louie Louie | photo courtesy of the artist

Stylish Philly four piece Louie Louie just announced plans to sign with Born Losers Records for the release of their 2017 full-length Friend of a Stranger. In celebration, released their first single off of the record “After Me”.

Kicking it off with a crisp and clean guitar, the slow-jammer throws us into a normal 50s day, as people take one of those new-fangled horseless trollies to the local soda fountain for an ice cold sarsaparilla (yes, that was a Carousel of Progress reference). Highlighted by the band’s soothing backing vocals, Louie Louie’s sound is infectious, yet a bit crunchy, shaping them to be a modern punk Andrew Sisters. Throw this on while playing Fallout 4, and immerse yourself into yesteryear.

Friend of a Stranger is out February 10th on Born Losers Records.