Camp Candle | Photo by Joe Del Tufo | courtesy of the artist

Camp Candle were one of the most exciting discoveries we made here at The Key last year. The introduction came by way of an interview with producer / multi-instrumentalist Nu Ra and singer / guitarist Hetepsa around the release of their electronic / pop record ERE, and now it’s apparent the grooving will continue on a new EP dropping next month.

Vibes of The xx and Blood Orange filter through the duo’s hazy beats and completely hypnotic vocals on “Fogged Glass,” the first single from the record that will be released via Manimal Vinyl. The band tells Atwood Magazine that it’s an ode to nightlife, and the rush of adrenaline that comes with a night at a dance club comes through the track in intoxicating ways.

Stream the track below and revisit Camp Candle’s recent Key Studio Session here.