Exciting news from the world of rock and roll and Pax-Am; Liz Phair is making a new record at the L.A. studio run by Ryan Adams. It’ll be her first release since 2010’s Funstyle, her seventh release overall and — per Adams’ Instagram — it’s slated to be a double-album.

Digging through the various studio documentations on social media, it looks like an awesome bunch: in addition to Adams, we see superproducer and multiinstrumentalist Don Was in the mix, along with drummer Nate Lotz and Charlie Stavish, a regular Pax-Am engineer and bassist.

Most exciting is the 30 second-ish sneak peak of a song that Adams posted on Instagram late Friday, which sounds like classic mid-era Phair…think 1998’s outstanding (and oft-overlooked) Whitechocolatespaceegg. Of course that’s 30 seconds of a single song from a purported double as translated through iPhone video…so the end product may very well be a completely different direction, a raw-er sound perhaps, or maybe poppier.

In any case, it’s great to know that Phair is back in 2017 and working with a team of good people. Check out that song teaser below.