Beat Jams | via their Bandcamp page

Last December, Philadelphia’s Beat Jams shared some remastered tracks from a 2007 split with Kurt Vile. Now, they’re back with their first new music in years, the five track DOG EP. If you like your punk rock chaotic, danceable, and even a little psychedelic, you’re in for a real treat. Stream the set below.

With its seasick guitar and keys, plodding bass, and stuttering drums, opener “Blackout” gets things off to a satisfyingly woozy start. It details a perpetual hangover, and with the cool, droning vocal delivery of Carolyn Wayne front and center, it might be the catchiest song on the whole EP. Blue Oyster Cult would have been proud, as both “Blackout” and following track “Magic Bitch” feature cowbell, but the latter places it in a much livelier, playful context. Third cut “Snakeman” is even livelier still, but all three of these tracks benefit from Jeff Ziegler’s engineering and former Violator Jesse Trbovich’s guitar.

The rest of the EP was recorded separately, dishing up its most intense and most subdued moments in the span of two short tracks. The blistering, titular “Dog Song” easily covers the former, but by the time its two minutes are up, they seem to have expended most of their energy. The result is the surprisingly tender ballad “Be Kind”, which brings DOG to a serene, albeit very fuzzy finish.

If you want to catch Beat Jams live, they’ll support Louie Louie next Friday at PhilaMOCA. For tickets and more info, check out XPN’s Concert Calendar.