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Manhattan Side Project | via Twitter

If you didn’t know already, Restorations‘ guitarist and songwriter David Klyman has been taking out his ambient side through his aptly named side project, ManhattanSideProject. Earlier this week, he added a couple new tunes through the release of a sudo self-titled record MSP.

As described by Klyman himself, “MSP is a strong return to composing for a full rock band. Combining the blown out tones of The Hope Conspiracy, the melodic leanings of Failure, and the freewheeling spirit of Torche, MSP is for anyone who looked at 2016 and said, ‘All of this can and will be made better.'”

I can’t agree more, as this record finds an extremely dark sound with an almost “phoenix rising from the ashes” type vibe.

Prog influences shine all throughout, most notably in the six-minute epic “A Piano,” which found anxious drums and a TV antenna that just won’t quit. Most notably, the intimacy of the record creates a true inner reflection of “so, where do we go from here?”, through moments in the slow ballad “Can’t/Won’t,” introduction to “Fork” and even ending track “Loose End,” really bringing out the battered and bruised psyche of this one-man show. Overall, enjoying MSP will be easy, especially to those who are looking for a heavier alternative to reflective walk anthems. So, eat your heart out “Dust in the Wind.”

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