The Jesus And Mary Chain | Photo by Steve Gullick | courtesy of the artist

This March 24th, UK noise rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain will return with Damage and Joy, their first album in almost two decades. Late last year, they teased the release with first single “Amputation”, and now we’re getting the album’s second offering. Stream “Always Sad” below.

As “Amputation” previously suggested, very little has changed for JAMC over their long hiatus. They’re still crafting sharp pop hooks about girls and disguising it as punk rock, and I’m still very okay with that. This time around, they’re joined by guest vocalist Bernadette Denning, who lends the track an infectious sweetness through her interplay with the band’s Jim Reid. For a track called “Always Sad”, it’s surprisingly peppy, but how many songs with tambourines and hand claps aren’t? This is Jesus and Mary Chain doing what they do best, a testament to their timeless, pioneering sound.