Pissed Jeans | Photo by James Breslin for WXPN

Philly punks Pissed Jeans shocked the world (or maybe the segment of the world that listens to Pissed Jeans) by streaming their new record Why Love Now a whole week early through Noisey. Their fifth record, released on Sub Pop, channels the angst of pure noise punk as the band blasts through 12-tracks of sexually-charged pit-forming rock n’ roll.

“Waiting On My Horrible Warning” opens up the record with just that, a horrible warning of an ungodly screech signifying the beginning of something weird and loud. Ironically, however, “The Bar is Low” sets the bar extremely high for the rest of the album, kicking off a stream of growling and grooving tracks from the locals. Hints of rock’s many, many subgenres start to rear their head as the runtime grows, with tracks like “Love Without Emotion” going a bit classic with a guitar solo sure to melt multiple faces off.

“I’m A Man” is just so damn odd, but becomes the most important track on the record by somehow managing to not completely overdo it on the creepy. It seems a little too real, which should scare a lot of people. But thankfully, the fuzz picks back up with a slap of a bass on “(Won’t Tell You) My Sign”, as the final couple of tracks fly by in a rapid fashion. “Activia” wears a Bleach-era Nirvana right on their sleeves, leading into a final “f you” with “Not Even Married”. Overall, Philly gained another stage-diving full-throttle workout of a record, making Why Love Now the soundtrack to punching multiple holes in the wall.

Listen to the record here via Noisey, and stream the single “Ignorecam” below.