Hezekiah Jones | Photo by Cameron Pollack for WXPN | cameronpollackphotography.com

Philly folk pop project Hezekiah Jones is back with “If You Harden On The Inside”. It continues in the more electronic direction they explored on the three track Har Har Har EP, which dropped last November.  All proceeds will benefit the Women’s Law Project, which fights for reproductive rights and against sexual violence. You can stream it below.

This time around, the “har har har’s” are replaced with a chorus of “blah blah blah’s” as chiming pianos ride a loose, shuffling groove. Meanwhile, project mastermind Raphael Cutrufello sings about saints that are “playing video games,” “out doing meth” or “too depressed to get out of bed.” Since the song benefits a social cause, it only makes sense for the lyrics to deal in societal struggles, but the decadent imagery doesn’t stop there. In a later verse, the narrator has the world at his fingertips, but he’s disappointed that his hands are too small to grasp it all at once. At least he’s taking it better than this guy.