Katie Frank | via the artist’s Facebook page

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Philly singer and songwriter Katie Frank. That changes now; she and her band just recently made a return to the stage at Ortlieb’s earlier this month, and she just shared “Through Your Window,” her first new single since 2014. Where she’s only flirted with blues rock in the past, she comes out guns blazing here, and it results in one of the most exciting tracks we’ve heard from her yet. Stream it below.


Let’s get this straight, this is not the Katie Frank you know from a few years ago. The gentle, lamenting folk sound of Covered Bridge Road is gone, and some no-nonsense rock & roll has taken its place, amplified even from the very poppy Counting Your Curses LP. Musically, she’s channeling modern blues rockers like Gary Clark Jr. and The Black Keys. Lyrically, she’s literally breaking into your house and stealing your stuff, including but not limited to your sanity, your innocence, and yes, even your weed. Whether or not you’re cool with Frank taking this turn is your own business, but you can’t deny it’s an exciting new direction for a local that’s kept quiet for far too long.