Sean McGuinness | via

Sean McGuinness, known for his drum work with Pissed Jeans, Utensil and more, just put out his first solo tape EP, Ready To Be Rich. Being as unconventional as a record can get, the 17+ minute release (streaming as a single track, I might add) is split into 7 intertwined tunes, a Side A and Side B consisting of mostly instrumental sounds infused with otherworldly noises and aggressive punk vibes.

It’s loud and bracing, taking the idea of avant-garde and shoving it somewhere unholy. And that’s not a bad thing. A sense of ambience attunes you to different layers of instrumentation, jolting you into a whirlwind of every conceivable genre. Although a listen may throw you outside your musical comfort zone, you’ll come out with a larger and positively warped understanding of what music can be, proving that some music is meant to make you think a little.

Listen to Ready To Be Rich below, and grab a download (or order a cassette) here.