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Soulful Philly hip-hop duo No Headliner recently dropped their latest project, Respek My Authoritah, offers listeners a unique sound with elements of blues, soul and funk that will leave you questioning if Jedi Prince and Chevv Kaang grew up by the Mississippi as opposed to the Delaware or the Schuylkill.

According to No Headliner, Respek My Authoritah is inspired by the rapper Birdman and his heavily memed, infamous “Put some respek on my name” quote, as well as a dictator-like declaration by South Park’s Cartman. The first track of the EP, “Doo Wop,” includes a smooth jazz saxophone by Saxmanant that accents G-Funk style crooning and backing vocals. In addition to the song being inspired by the south, the track effortlessly echoes the West Coast.

Within the first 30 seconds of “Rumble Me,” a sultry guitar riff allows listeners to believe that the song is about some between-the-sheets action instead of a good old-fashioned street fight. The duo rap about the grimy, backstabbing, fake folks that they have come across over the years. The hook features the group’s chill, syrupy-smooth bars, ending with a loud and abrasive, yet apt, “RUMBLE ME BITCH!”

The last track, “Cohen’s Cruise,” features a brassy horn sample that sets the temperature for the duo’s too-cool-for-school braggy lyrics. At the beginning of the track, you can hear the rappers shouting out their engineer Micah Forsyth and the special brand of sake that they were drinking while recording the song. Throughout the song, the vibe does not stray from its hazy sound.

Overall, Respek My Authoritah is an easy listening, eclectic, smooth hip-hop project that will leave you with good feelings. Jedi Prince and Chevv Kaang have mastered the art of combining a Philly attitude with southern charm and style. Stream the entire project here.

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