Gorillaz | via facebook.com/Gorillaz

Although Gorillaz‘s Philly show is mega-sold out, we can still take some time to appreciate their resurgence of their brand of pop oddity, this time in the form of new single “The Apprentice.”

Opening with that much-missed evil cackle, the tune jumps right into bouncing R&B, enlisting talents of Rag & Bone Man, Zebra Katz & RAY BLK to soulfully shift through what is probably another redacted jab at the new Commander in Chief (“My world’s darker than the young black dream / Of the first black prince of a new white king.”)

The bumpiest Gorillaz track released from Humanz, the addition of vocalization from Rag and RAY does what a Gorillaz track does best: expand. I really think Drake should be taking some notes, cause I think this song overtakes everything he did in More Life (up for debate, obviously, but come on).