Shannen Moser | photo by Bob Sweeney | via artist’s Facebook

Standing in front of the looming and historic SS United States down at Columbus and Oregon, Shannen Moser gives a solitary performance of “Yr Undertaker” from this year’s Oh, My Heart LP in the video below. The clip is the first in a series that Moser will be sharing over the next month, leading up to the vinyl release of the debut album via Lame-O Records on June 16th.

Filmed by Good Boy Audiovisual, Live in Philadelphia will feature the local singer-songwriter in a series of city locales as she covers Oh, My Heart‘s tracks one-by-one. For it’s part, the SS United States strikes quietly at the heart of “Yr Undertaker” – it’s faded paint, yards of algae, and seemingly abandoned state (though really it is still quite loved) stands as stoic representation of the power of time, good and bad, that Moser and her warbling, cathartic voice considers as the song opens.

Watch “Yr Undertaker” below and catch Moser at Union Transfer on June 14th when she returns from a Midwestern tour (tickets and information can be found here). ICYMI, revisit her recent Folkadelphia / Key Studio Session here.

(UPDATE: Moser has released a second video in this series, with a performance of “Yard” in a South Philly park.)