Photo by Emily Haviland Baker
In the time since his last visit to us in 2014, Sam Moss moved to a new city (Boston), released a beautiful, intricate album (2016’s Fable), and logged countless hours on the road performing. That’s a good amount of change for few years. What has stayed the same is Moss’ deep attention to songcraft, whether he is operating within or without the folk music idiom.

While he has a deep appreciate and reverence for the traditional American folk style, on Fable, Moss featured his own music. The product is an easy-flowing, so-wonderful-to-listen-to collection of unweighted folk-rock. This is the kind of well-crafted music that looks simple to make, but requires a certain level of skill, focus, and imagination to put together. Sam Moss is the guy for the job.

Sam Moss returned to the WXPN Performance Studio in May 2017 to record a new Folkadelphia Session more in the vein of his latest album. Honeysuckle, on tour with Moss and also featured in their own Folkadelphia Session, are featured as his backing band.