Three Man Cannon | Photo by Jessica Flynn

While on their recent tour of the Midwest and Southeast, indie rockers Three Man Cannon stopped by Audiotree to film a live studio session that will make you wish the tour was just a bit longer. The Scranton-turned-Philly band is set to release a new record in the near future, the third record following 2014’s Pretty Many People and Will I Know You Then in 2015. The two previous records each have a distinctly different sound; it is anyone’s guess what the upcoming release will sound like, but it is sure to be just as jam-packed.

During the half-hour-long session, Three Man Cannon performed five songs: three from Will I Know You Then, one from Pretty Many People, and one preview from the new LP, “Forsythia.” In between tracks you can hear all about the wonders of color therapy glasses, guitarist Dennis Mishko’s time as a basketball referee, and how the four members were childhood friends before they were a band.

Queen Jesus joined the group on their nine-stop tour, a convenient pairing as the two bands share drummer Pat Brier.  Check out the session below (also available on Spotify).

Pushing People