Watch First Aid Kit play "It's A Shame" at Free At Noon - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart
First Aid Kit | photos by Liz Waldie for WXPN

When you watch a band perform songs from a record that’s yet to be released, you sometimes get the sense that there’s still some sinking in and tinkering to do.

Conversely, First Aid Kit is already so deep in the pocket I imagine by the time the album that houses “It’s A Shame” is released in 2018, they’ll need longer pants. Their live harmonies are stirring, but not at all surprising; sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg have already spent one decade crystallizing their intertwining vocals.

What’s most exciting to hear is how fully they’ve inhabited the Americana rumble of their sounds and the conviction of their ideas on stage. Lyrically, “It’s a Shame” finds the Söderberg sisters navigating the disappointing aftermath of a breakup with grace, self-awareness and, maybe, a little joy: “No point in wasting sorrow / on things that won’t be here tomorrow.”

Can you say grounded? Maybe it’s that exact worldview which allows the Söderberg sisters to perform from as deep a root as they do.

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