Nymphaea | photo via the artist’s Facebook page

Nymphaea, the soft and synthy solo project of Philadelphia multimedia artist Marit Rose Stafstrom, first came our way earlier this fall in the form of Abode of the Merciful, a Bandcamp benefit release that made its way into The Key’s Items Tagged Philadelphia series. Now, just two months later, Nymphaea is back with a new EP, called Shang Bronze.

The EP’s four tracks take influence from traditional electronic and synth pop genres, but find their edge with the addition of mysterious sounds that capture distinct moods — sometimes dark and haunting, sometimes soaring and melodic. “Prologue ( In a Private Collection )” entices the listener with some truly spooky beats that could almost be the soundtrack to a suspense sequence in a horror film. Fast-paced title track “Shang Bronze” brings the energy up and adds Stafstrom’s ethereal and echoing vocals into the mix, conjuring up an enigmatic yet bright sound which lingers throughout the rest of the EP.

Listen to the EP below. Shang Bronze is Nymphaea’s third release, and though artist keeps a fairly low profile, they’ve been known to pop up at shows around town (in Nymphaea’s unpredictable spirit, recent shows have taken place anywhere from a West Philly basement to an arts fair). Keep an eye on their Facebook page for any upcoming news.