Sleepy Freak | photo by Emily Dubin |

There have been more than a few great splits from Philly musicians this year, and the latest, from Greg Mendez and Sleepy Freak, is really something special. Both artists are remarkably talented on their own, yet relatively quiet forces within the scene — they’ll pop up for sets at shows around town pretty often, but outside of the DIY community, they aren’t being talked about nearly as much as they should be. But the new split certainly gives us reason to talk about them. The six-track EP accomplishes what the best splits do, capturing both artists at their best and weaving their combined efforts into a powerhouse recording that’s impossible to ignore.

Sleepy Freak is the solo project of Kate Lord, and the artist’s stirring vocals are the most noticeable part of their three tracks, cutting through the soft guitars with precision. This split marks Sleepy Freak’s longest release yet, following two demos posted to Bandcamp early this year, and according to the artist’s Facebook page there will be something new to look forward to in the near future. Mendez’s most recent release,¯​\​_​(​ツ​)​_​/​¯, came in April, and he recently made an appearance on the big stage opening for Modern Baseball. Mendez fills his three tracks on the split with warm instrumentals and light harmonies that fill out their lighthearted, inviting tone.

Listen below, and stay tuned for more news from both artists in the new year.