Anika Pyle | photo via

Known these days as the singer-guitarist and songwriter at the front of Katie Ellen, and know previously as the voice of Brooklyn punks Chumped, Philly’s Anika Pyle occasionally forays into solo compositions and contemplations — as she did this week with the new track “The Void.”

An expressive, expansive lo-fi jam that stretches across six minutes with just Pyle and a rumbling guitar, the song hones in on a narrator reflecting on their former self and comparing it to who they have become; the struggles that defined them, and the feelings they have yet to overcome. “How do I fill the void from the guilt that you gave me?” sings Pyle. “How do I kill the noise when the silence drives me crazy? / How do I shake the shame when it’s part of my identity?”

Listen to “The Void” below. Katie Ellen performs live at Lava Space on January 27th with Long Neck, The Goodbye Party and Who Loves You — more information here, via Facebook — and we hear an exciting tour is in the works for a little bit beyond that, so stay tuned for more announcements.